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ABT Sportsline Creates a Sibling Rivalry with the Audi S6

ABT Audi S6

Nipping at the heels of the RS 6.

Audi’s model lineup is pretty clear when it comes to their performance variants. There’s the basic “A-” model that’s the every-day road-going version with a number of engine choices and options. Next up is the “S-” model with a more potent engine, bigger wheels and brakes, a tuned suspension, and other exclusive features. Then there’s the big “RS-” variants, which are the top-of-the-line with all sorts of performance-oriented goodies that make it faster and more athletic than the rest of the model lineup.

That’s the case for the Audi A6 model line, with the A6 being the everyday, basic version and the RS 6 holding the spot as the top dog. The S6, while fun, exciting, and potent, is slotted in as the middle child that’s good, but not as good as its higher-priced Audi RS 6 sibling.

ABT Sportsline has changed that up and created a bit of a sibling rivalry with their new Audi S6 upgrade program. “With ABT Power New Generation we much raise the pulse and the Avant or limo’s performance, too,” said a pleased CEO Hans Jürgen Abt.

A slightly different version of the 4.0 TFSI twin-turbocharged V-8 engine found in the Audi RS 6 powers the S6, and ABT Sportsline was able to take advantage of its power. Thanks to the ABT Power New Generation engine upgrade and ABT Sportsline muffler system, a total of 550 PS (542 hp) and 501 lb-ft. of torque are generated by the S6 – just a hair shy of its more powerful sibling. All that’s backed by a full warranty and 180 mph top speed.

ABT Audi S6

The performance upgrades don’t stop there either. The ABT Sportsline team includes their electronic ABT Level Control system for the factory air suspension that lowers the front and rear axles by 20- and 15 mm, respectively for a better center of gravity. That’s paired up with your choice of in-house FR, ER-C, and DR alloy wheels measuring 9.5 x 20 and 9.0 x 21 inches with 255/35 R20 and 265/30 R21 sport tires to generate more grip.

The added power and greater athleticism is showcased through a few new exterior pieces as well. ABT Sportsline adds on a new set of carbon fiber mirror covers complemented by new fender inserts along each side of the Audi S6 while a new carbon fiber rear spoiler improves high-speed stability. A new “Black Chrome” ABT Sportsline logo set clearly states the car’s more powerful nature.

ABT Sportsline also added in a few goodies inside the S6. New floor mats and an integrated entrance light greet passengers while a new ABT LED shift light steering wheel let’s drivers know the optimum time to change gears. A new ABT start-stop button with illuminated ABT logo begs drivers to start the fun.

The new ABT Sportsline upgrade program for the Audi S6 is currently available. The ABT Power New Generation engine upgrade is also available for the 4.0 TFSI engine found in the Audi S7 as well.

ABT Sportsline Audi S6 Specifications

Displacement: 4.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 550 PS / 542 hp / 404 kW
Maximum Torque: 510 lb-ft. / 680 Nm
Maximum Speed: 180 mph / 290 km/h
-ABT Power New Generation
-ABT muffler system

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: ABT FR, ER-C and DR
Wheel Sizes: 9.5 x 20 and/or 9.0 x 21
Tire Size: 255/35 R20 and/or 265/30 R21 sport
Suspension: ABT Level Control (20 mm front, 15 mm rear)

-ABT fender inserts
-ABT carbon fiber mirror covers
-ABT carbon fiber rear spoiler
-ABT “Black Chrome” logo set

-ABT floor mats
-ABT integrated entrance light
-ABT LED shifting lights on steering wheel
-ABT start/stop button with illuminated ABT logo

ABT Sportsline Audi S6 Gallery

Source: ABT Sportsline

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