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ABT Sportsline Unveils their Geneva Lineup

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March 5th, 2013 will see Geneva, Switzerland packed with all sorts of automotive companies, aftermarket tuners, and media personnel. ABT Sportsline, like many, will be stationed at the 83rd International Motor Show featuring a new line of cars and products. But, unlike the rest of the companies at the show, ABT Sportsline will holding the “Top Brand” in the “Tuner” category award from the German magazine AUTO ZEITUNG.

ABT Volkswagen Golf VII

ABT Sportsline will be featuring four new cars along with a new wheel line at the 83rd International Geneva Motor Show, all backed with the newly received award. The first model has yet to hit US shores and is continuing the long line of success that Volkswagen has achieved with the Golf. The new ABT VW Golf will be featured with its range of gasoline and diesel tuning options along with new bodywork, wheels and other accessories.


ABT Sportsline is also going to be pulling out the big guns for the Geneva Motor Show. Trying to steal the show will be the ABT R8 GTR based on the second-generation Audi R8 model. The new R8 GTR will have 620 horsepower and offer a range of weight-optimized carbon fiber body work and aerodynamics. A variety of motorsport-oriented chassis upgrades will be available to ensure that the mid-engined super car is ready for the racetrack.


Also receiving an extensive race-oriented makeover is the ABT RS5-R that will be featured alongside its German siblings at Geneva. The super coupe will feature a number of measures to reduce weight and optimize the weight distribution between the front and rear axles, thus improving acceleration, handling dynamics, and overall performance. The 4.2-liter V-8 will unleash a roar from new side-pipe exhausts and be capable of reaching speeds over 186 mph, while offering a superb balance between track-day superstar and road-going powerhouse.

AS6 R Avant

While the RS5-R and R8 GTR try to steal the stage with their track-day goodies, the ABT AS6-R Avant will provide onlookers with a mean look and offer a great deal of versatility. The new model will boast 180 horsepower over the stock variant and come with a whopping 600 horsepower total, making it an incredibly fast “lifestyle transporter”. An array of aerodynamics, suspension, and exterior options will be showcased on the new ABT AS6-R Avant.

ER-X Wheels

The last ABT Sportsline product that will be featured at the Geneva Motor Show is the new line of ER-X sport wheels. The wheels will come in two variants: the ER-F forged and ER-C models. Each will be manufactured with state of the art technology and be offered on future ABT Sportsline models.

The ABT Sportsline team and their high-horsepower machines will be parked in Hall 1, Booth 1244 at the Geneva International Motor Show starting on March 5th.

[Source: ABT Sportsline]

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