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This Ad will Make you Want a Tesla

Tesla Model S Commercial

It’s Electric.

Tesla Motors has made some very impressive vehicles and advancements in the world of electric automobiles. Their growth in the field has helped pave a way for other automakers to grow their technology and add more fuel efficient, but engaging automobiles.

The latest fan-made commercial for the innovative automaker was created by David Holm and shot in Soggy Dry Lake, CA. There’s some pretty exciting digital effects, but it’s not over-the-top and gives the video a very real feel while emphasizing performance and technology with the Tesla Model S.

It really makes us want to go out and buy one.

TESLA : ORIGINS from david holm on Vimeo.

Director : David Holm
DP : David Holm
Editor : Ben Jordan
Sound Design : Joe Mount
Executive Producer : Tim Case

Does this Tesla video make you want to go out and buy a Model S?


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