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Add Rally Italia Sardegna to your list of Insane Races – Video

Dusty Daredevils.

WRC and rally racing in general is pretty crazy. It’s one thing to drive a racecar on an asphalt track with safety barriers as fast as you can, but it’s completely insane to do so through a narrow dirt/gravel/mud/snow/ice track with no barriers as fast as possible.

Well, WRC just completed their race in Rally Italia Sardegna, and it looks like a beautifully dangerous course. It’s filled with wonderful scenery, cheering spectators, and beautiful views, but that’s all flying past as driver, Mikko Hirvonen,  and co-driver, Jarmo Lehtinen concentrate on the dirt and gravel running beneath their tires. These Finns are super talented and a bit crazy, but they make one heck of a team and can slice through rally stages pretty darn quickly.

Source: WRC

Do you think you could drive the Rally Italia Sardegna?


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