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An in-depth Visit to the Porsche Museum – Video

One of the greatest automotive museums in the world.

There are a number of places that every automotive enthusiast should visit during their lifetime, but as far as museums go, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is at the top of the list. The German automaker’s museum is not just for Porsche enthusiasts, but for fans of any kind of automobile as it displays historic cars in unique exhibits surrounded by modern architecture.

Thanks to Maiham-Media and MotorHead, the Japanese automotive publication, we are able to take an in-depth look at one of the greatest automotive museums in the world. Here, there are about 80 cars on display out of a total of 150, and approximately 90-perceent of them are in running condition thanks to four “meisters” that work next-door to maintain every car. Virtually every Porsche is here ranging from the 356-001 to the 917 race car including the history and innovation behind every car.

It’s a beautiful place brought to us by some fantastic video production.

[Source: Maiham-MediaMotorHead]

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