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An Audi R8 Tries to Be a Ferrari in Mumbai

The 2013 Parx Supercar Rally in India gets HOT.

Super car rallies are fun for everybody, the participants, the onlookers, and the police. Well, that’s usually the case, unless you’re the guy that isn’t part of the rally and tries to race everybody until your car goes up in flames.

Audi R8 Fire Parx

During the 2013 Parx Supercar Rally in India, one Audi R8 erupted in flames in the Mumbai stage and resulted in a total loss. According to Gautam Singhania, the Founder and Chairman of the Supercar club of India, the Audi R8 did not belong to the super car club that was participating in the Parx Supercar Rally. While the participants were driving in the rally, the Audi R8 driver tried to race and overtake the other cars, and resulted in the fire.

Audi R8 Fire Parx

There are reports that the Audi R8 had been modified and it is currently in possession of Audi India as they try to diagnose the cause of the flames. Thankfully, the driver escaped unharmed from the fire.

Apparently, the super car was also trying to do its best Ferrari impression while trying to bait others into racing.

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Did the driver essentially do this to himself by trying to race participants in the rally? Leave a comment and let us know!


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