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Awww. Watch the Scirocco R Do a Burnout

They’re so cute at that age…

We’ve seen supercars, muscle cars, sports cars, and even economy cars do burnouts with varying degrees of entertainment and success. We can always appreciate a good burnout with any car. The art of laying rubber on the pavement and creating a cloud of smoke is beautiful when executed correctly.

And then there was the little Volkswagen Scirocco R R/C car that could.

The little R/C car was driven into someone’s foot and then laid on the throttle, spinning its tires and creating a four-wheel drive burnout. The little car was able to create a bit of smoke and even blew a tire in its epic showcase of power.

Source: Die Huren YouTube Channel

Does this Scirocco R R/C make you want to go do a burnout?


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