The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Brings Tradition to Life

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne

The pinnacle of British luxury motoring.

Bentley has enjoyed a rich history of motoring, and prides itself on its successes of racing and fine, luxury automobiles. Throughout the automaker’s history, numerous individuals have made contributions that have largely influenced their heritage and what they have become today. One of those men was Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin who was a true gentleman racer and ‘Bentley Boy’.

To pay tribute to the iconic figure, Bentley has created a limited edition Birkin Mulsanne exclusively for Europe. Only 22 models will be produced in three different colors, and all will include the Mulliner Driving Specification, Entertainment Specification, and tailored luggage set.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne

Sir Henry Ralph Stanley ‘Tim’ Birkin was an important figure in the history of the British automaker. In the 1920s and ‘30s, he raced around Europe for the Bentley. After he purchased his first road-going Bentley, he became increasingly involved with the brand’s racing program and eventually played a key role in developing the 1928 ‘Blower’ Bentley. He was able to increase the 130 bhp output of the Bentley 4 ½ litre model with a supercharger that almost doubled power to 242 bhp and helped put it ahead of the competition.

His efforts and contributions are now being celebrated with the Bentley Birkin Mulsanne limited production model. The design and specification takes inspiration from what designers envisioned as Birkin commissioning his Bentley model today.

The 22 models that are set to be produced will be available in Ghost White, Damson, and a contrasting two-tone Fountain Blue and Dark Sapphire. Each model will feature 21-inch wheels inspired by the original Bentley Mulsanne concept; 3-D ‘Flying B’ logo stitched into the headrests and inlaid into the wood of the dashboard and rear tables, and numbered door sill plaques. In addition, each model will come standard with a full handcrafted, individually numbered tailored luggage set.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne

The Bentley Birkin Mulsanne will come standard with the Mulliner driving specification that includes a Drive Dynamics Control system and enhanced driving experience. Complex diamond-quilted leather is worn on each seat while indented leather headliner and ‘knurling’ metalwork on the trim adds a touch of driving elegance.

Passengers in the rear of the Bentley Birkin Mulsanne will be treated to the Entertainment Specification as standard. The standard package includes dual 8-inch LCD screens in the headrests, DVD player, WiFi hotspot, Naim for Bentley premium audio system, and iPads integrated into the rear wood tables.

Only 22 examples of the Bentley Birkin Mulsanne will be produced and limited to the European market.

Bentley Birkin Mulsanne Gallery

Source: Bentley

Is the Bentley Birkin Mulsanne the epitome of luxury British motoring?


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