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Aston Martin 100


…is a year filled with automotive celebrations and anniversaries, many of which, we will be covering on this site. One such happening is the 100th Anniversary if James Bond’s trusty steed, Aston Martin. The first car to be named ASTON MARTIN was created in 1908 but the company was organized in 1913. The company will celebrate with a tour that will visit 19 Aston Martin dealerships in 8 different countries. Presented is the oldest Aston Martin in existence, the A3 from 1921 which represents the founding legacy of the company. The “100 Years of Aston Martin Tour” began in late April and will continue until mid June. FYI: The Aston Martin DB5 celebrates its own 50th Anniversary in 2013 as well.


THE FERRARI CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA is celebrating 50 years of existence with an enormous meet in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Ferraristi from all eras all countries and all kinds will converge on the cheese state with concourse, dining and racing events.

Toyota 75th

TOYOTA is one of the most successful and longevous motor corporations, founded back in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda, 2013 marks its 75th Anniversary. That’s right, “Oh What A Feelin’” is still kickin’ at 75. They have chosen to celebrate with an amusing interactive family tree.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary

2013 also marks the birth of the iconic shape that is the PORSCHE 911. The car debuted in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. What better way to mark the occasion than by offering up a brand-spankin’ new 911 Turbo?

The 2013 Dodge Dart GTS 210 Tribute marks MOPAR‘s 75th Anniversary.

Buick 110 years

BUICK production lines have been rolling for 110 consecutive years except for a short period during World War II. Buick went through the lean years and survived the storms that Oldsmobile and Saturn did not. It was GM’s decision that Buick had too much heritage to let it go. Now, looking at the Enclave, Verano and Regal, the decision proves to be a good one.

McLaren 50th

Race car and road car constructor McLAREN turns 50 this year, and it will officially celebrate its anniversary on September 2, 2013. The McLaren team will debut the new McLaren 50 logo on its uniforms, while a series of events are planned for fans worldwide throughout the year.

A decade ago, Jeep introduced the first RUBICON WRANGLER. The idea then, as now, was to offer a Jeep that came from the factory with upgraded gear to help even the odds against challenging trails like the Rubicon

Corvette 50th

The first CORVETTE was introduced in 1953, with the “Blue Flame” inline six-cylinder engine. By 1957, Chevrolet, with an eye toward the performance-minded customer, was installing a four-speed transmission, heavy duty brakes and a tauter suspension. The V8 engine bowed in 1955 and from then on, the car was aimed at the enthusiast crowd. Chevrolet celebrates with 60th Anniversary special editions of all Corvette models

History won’t let Chevy celebrate unchallenged. The impetus for Ralph Nader’s book, “Unsafe At Any Speed” ceased production 44 years ago. The last CORVAIR was built May 4th,1969.

Austin Healey 50th

Some nameplates are forgotten but revered: AUSTIN HEALEY, The LOTUS CORTINA and the car that would not die; The STUDEBAKER AVANTI all have crossed the half-century mark.

Land Rover 65th

LAND ROVER becomes 65 years old this year. It is not the only famous four-wheeler to make retirement age. The FORD F-150 is 65 as well


The Bavarians celebrate 25 years of v12 power with a special BMW 750Li V12. It comes equipped with the same 535hp 6.0 liter V12 as the rest of the line but with luxury and equipment upgrades.

Mustang 50th

Lest we forget, the FORD MUSTANG is 50 years old. Ford began stamping Mustangs with special badges in March and we await the introduction of the next pony with bated breath.


The KENWORTH TRUCK COMPANY is celebrating its milestone 90th anniversary during 2013. It all began in 1923 when Harry W. Kent and Edgar K. Worthington incorporated the Gersix Motor Company as “Kenworth.” The company name was formed from a combination of letters from the founders’ last names. That first year, the small Seattle truck manufacturer produced 78 six-cylinder, gasoline-powered trucks. Since then, Kenworth has produced more than 900,000 trucks.

LeMAY– America’s Car Museum will be celebrating its one-year anniversary on June 1 with a “Jazz!” gala.

MINI is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its MINI Plant Oxford, the place where the car was ‘born’ back in 1959. A Continental Tour will help us celebrate the home of our beloved scooter. In addition, The Mini Cooper S itself is 50 years of age in 2013.

LeMans 90th

The world of Motorsports stands at attention to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of The 24 Heuers du LeMans, the 50th birthday of both the European Touring Car Championship and Volkswagen’s Formula v-Series. There have been 40 Years Of World Rally Championship racing and the Goodwood Festival of Speed has been blessing us for 20 years.

Ford GT40

On June 18, 1966, Ford’s huge investment paid off with a three-car sweep of the race that mattered most to company chief, Henry Ford II. The car that went to victory – the FORD GT40 – is 50 years old this June.

Parnelli Jones

This year will include a memorable landmark in American racing history: the 50th anniversary of Parnelli Jones’s hugely popular win from the pole at the 1963 INDIANAPOLIS 500. It was the penultimate time that a traditional front-engine roadster would win the race before rear-engine cars supplanted them for good.

MICKEY THOMPSON (“Mr. Speed”) broke Bernd Rosemeyer’s 22-year-old record for the standing mile and standing kilometer, when he drove his “Assault” car to record speeds of 149.93 and 132.94, respectively, 53 years ago.

Going back to cars, the fastest 4-door, The MASERATI QUATTROPORTE is half a century old and the company knows how to throw a party. They’ve got a brand new plant, a brand new model and a brand new image. The new Quattroporte prototype is traveling the country with its own security to exclusive Maserati dealers.

bugatti type-41 royale

April 11th, 1913 – Ettore Bugatti first envisioned the super car that wouldcome to be known as the “car of kings”, the BUGATTI TYPE 41 ROYALE.

Lamborghini 50th

Eventually The Automobili Ferruccio LAMBORGHINI S.p.A. debuted in 1963 with the objective of producing a refined grand tourer to compete with offerings from established marques such as Ferrari. Okay…mainly Ferrari. Successful tractor manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini had his feathers ruffled and decided that what  Enzo could do, he could do better. Hence, the story is born. Lamborghini is doing it up in style with the gathering of three hundred fifty cars that took a tour last week. The Grand Giro tour started in Milan and concluded at the Lambo headquarters in Bologna.

Some of the more maligned and less notable nameplates make their history:
The Ford Mustang II, the Ferrari 308 GTBI (1977), the Camaro Z/28 (1977), the Ford Fairmont (1978) and the Peugeot 504 (1978)

Most of its loyalists won’t remember the Jeep debut in 1941, but may remember the world’s first SUV, the JEEP WAGONEER. 40 years old this year.

Finally, the historic LINCOLN HIGHWAY and the most revolutionary breakthrough in automotive history, Henry Ford’s ASSEMBLY LINE mark their 100 anniversaries. One helped to put us in mass production, the other helped to put us in mass transit.

How wonderful this invention, the automobile is. The passion, the pain, the pleasure. Find your favorite car, event or brand this summer and celebrate with us…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AUTOMOBILE!

Which birthday are you excited about the most?


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