The BMW Bullet Commercial You Have To See


Shot out of a cannon.

The ultra-super-slow-motion videos showing bullets go through objects like apples, water balloons, targets, ballistics gel, watermelons, and other types of edible foods are fun to watch, and probably more fun to be a part of. These videos show the sheer power and force behind each bullet and are exiting to see the damage that they can do.

That was the concept behind the newest commercial for the F10 BMW M5. The 552-horsepower super-sedan starts off in a dark tunnel revving its engine and getting the hair to stand up on the back of our necks. It then speeds with all of its might out of the tunnel as if it were shot out of a gun or cannon towards its first victim, a glass apple. After shattering the apple, it pops three water balloons on its way towards a large target in an open desert, which it smashes with a bulls-eye.

Now, if this was real (excuse me, IRL) we’d have a very damaged BMW and seriously injured/maimed driver. But, with the way 3D special effects are today, it looks real enough for us, especially with that oh-so-sexy exhaust note. Just throw in some ballistics gel next time so we can all see what it’s like to be shot by an M5. Or, maybe we’ll just leave that up to MythBusters and let them shoot a Matchbox M5 into things.

[Source: BMW]

What would you like to see an M5 shot into in super-slow-motion? Leave a comment and let us know!


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