Boom Goes the Dynamite! Flaming Jaguar XJ220 Burnout Time!

TaxTheRich100 Jaguar XJ220 Fire Burnout

TaxTheRich is back at it again!

If you didn’t already know, TaxTheRich100 has a garage full of classic supercars and endless amounts of land and roadways to drive the ever-living hell out of them. They throw caution to the wind and drive the supercars in ways that we never thought possible from Ferrari F50 tug of wars to Ferrari 288 GTO rallying.

The latest tire-shredding adventure involves a very rare and prized Jaguar XJ220. Only 275 of these mid-engined, 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged monsters were ever produced. At the time of their production, they were the world’s fastest cars and could reach speeds of 213 mph, only to be trumped by the McLaren F1 a year later in 1993.

So what did TaxTheRich100 do? They put all 540 horsepower and 475 lb-ft. of torque to the rear wheels and spun those suckers until flames shot out of the back in an incredible display of raw power.

It just begs the question: what will TaxTheRich100 think of next?


Source: TaxTheRich100

Is this the most impressive supercar burnout you’ve ever seen?


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