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Friday FAIL: Don’t Be Stupid by the Golden Gate Bridge

Friday FAIL: Golden Gate Bridge

Or you’ll get caught on camera.

At the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA, you’ll likely see some people driving and acting like idiots on Highway 101 at the toll plaza. KRON 4 News in San Francisco has a segment called ‘People Behaving Badly’ that entails them sending a camera crew out to catch people doing things they shouldn’t and then publicly shame them.

The news team has captured all sorts of driving violations, people not picking up dog poop, and other sorts of stories capturing people doing things we absolutely despise. This time a seemingly routine story turned into some instant Karma.

While the KRON news crew was at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza, they captured a motorcyclist going the wrong way on an on ramp after he apparently forgot to exit or didn’t have the toll money. Well, that motorcyclist didn’t like the fact that he was caught on camera doing that in a public place so he confronted the crew with some four-letter words and demanded to see some I.D., to which the reporter obliged.

Well, he was also being watched by the Golden Gate Bridge Patrol, who called the California Highway Patrol to the scene. They watched the video and then ticketed the motorcyclist for his driving violation along with not having insurance and driving on a suspended license. They are now impounding the motorcycle for 30 days to top it off. That’s what happens when you FAIL hard.


Source: KRON 4

How big of an idiot is this motorcyclist in this week’s Friday FAIL?


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