A Brazilian Businessman decides to take his Bentley into the Afterlife

Count Scarpa Bentley Afterlife

…by burying it.

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were mummified along with all of their possessions as they believed they would bring them into the afterlife when they had passed. After seeing a documentary about ancient Egypt and its Pharaohs, a Brazilian businessman is doing the same with his Bentley.

‘Count Scarpa’ the 62-year-old wealthy entrepreneur and businessman announced on Facebook that he plans to take his riches with him into the afterlife by burying them in his backyard. Scarpa wrote “I decided to do as the Pharaohs: this week I will bury my favourite car, the Bentley here in the home garden! Bury my treasure in my palace rssss !!!” By Tuesday, September 17th, the post had received 5,680 likes and 6,000 shares.

Count Scarpa Bentley Afterlife

After watching the documentary on ancient Egypt, Scarpa began digging with an excavator in the backyard of his Jardins mansion – one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On a television interview, Scarpa explained “I watched the film of the pharaohs and after seeing how they were buried with their treasures I decided that I wanted to copy them and bury my most precious item, which is my car.”

Scarpa’s desire to take his riches with him may be rooted in the fact that he had two close brushes with death. In 2009, he was in a coma for 63 days while he battled bacteria. Doctors had to operate on him eight times during that ordeal and Scarpa ‘died’ twice, and received his last rites by a priest before being revived.

Count Scarpa Bentley Afterlife

The wealthy businessman who runs an investment company and made some of his riches through the brewery and mining industries has been married twice, but currently does not have a spouse or children. He does have a rare and endangered six-month-old white cockatoo named Filomena Leopoldina Sofia, which he calls his “daughter.”

Some may think Scarpa is crazy, but if he’s driving his Bentley in the afterlife, he’ll be having the last laugh in luxury.

Source: Dailymail

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