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M. E. Cribbs is a Teacher, Singer/Songwriter and resident of the Chicago area. Cribbs is unashamedly an avid enthusiast of all things automotive from design to construction, to sales to business. As an active enthusiast, he is involved in the culture and attends auto shows, exhibitions and events such as the Continental Autosports Fall Meet & Greet, which he shares highlights with us here.

On an unseasonably warm day in October, the doors to this car enthusiasts dreams were open, if only for a few brief hours. Continental Autosports of Hinsdale, IL. (20 minutes south of Chicago) opens its doors every fall to current and potential customers. This annual “Bring a Friend” event has been a staple in the dealership’s calendar for many years. John Weinberger, Continental’s president, is a Ferrarista of the highest order. Having come from humble beginnings and elevating to race mechanic, he has built Continental Autosports from a gas station to the exotic car paradise it is today. John’s love for his customers was evident by the amenities he provided for the event. He is easily entreated and takes great pride in making everyone feel special. During the event, guests are welcome to tour the two-level showroom and see the latest wares from Ferrari as well as a host of classics.

On this particular occasion, there was no shortage of Testarossas, both in the showroom and the garage area. Speaking of which, a highlight of the event was the privilege of going into the garage area, which received a major overhaul a few years ago, and to see classics and modern cars. Some were for sale and some were customer’s cars coming in for maintenance, all in the immaculate workshop. One of the jewels of the garage was a classic Ferrari 410 Super America which was definitely a Mille Miglia-worthy machine. The only thing that was better than the beautiful garage was the parking lot, where 50’s-style happens. You never know what you’ll see. This particular evening, all eyes were on a beautiful Renault Alpine A 610 owned by a wonderful couple who were more than happy to share their owning experience with others. While John is a premier Ferrari Dealer, he also dabbles in other rare marques as you can see from the pictures. Photos didn’t do justice to the warmth in both my heart and the atmosphere during this event. If you’re ever in Chicago during early fall, look up John and his amazing team. They make dreams come true and spark new ones in guys like me!

Continental Autosports Fall Meet & Greet Gallery

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