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Bro, your Car is on Fire, Bro, Man!

Car Fire in Traffic

Yeah, that’s probably not good.

A fire is probably one of the worst things that can happen while driving. Whether it’s racing or just driving in public, a fire can be a very serious and dangerous thing. This laid-back driver-bro in Georgia that tried to alert another driver that their car was on fire might not understand that.

While driving on the I-85 in Georgia, a car had started on fire when the driver of another car decided to fire up the cell phone camera and try to warn the driver of the ignited car that their vehicle was in some serious heat.

Car Fire in Traffic

“The driver was in front of me, in the fast lane, when suddenly the transmission took a shit. Blasting pieces of the carnage all over my rental car and the freeway. Immediately the transmission fluid hit the catalytic converter and ignited… was the coolest shit I’ve seen in awhile!”

Thankfully, the driver of the car got off at the next exit and pulled over.

Yeah, bro! Grab the marshmallows and Bud Light, and let’s go watch it burn!

Source: LiveLeak

What would you do if you saw another driver’s car on fire?


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