Burn Out your Tires, Not Your Clutch, Bro – Video

That’s going to be expensive.

Every year at Rushmore Arena, Aldershot, Hampshire, UK, the big Wheels Day event takes place. All sorts of American performance cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and even trucks gather around to strut their stuff. At the end of the event – just like other car shows – some of the most entertaining moments are on full display.

While cars from the show were leaving, a few of them decided to give the crowd some powerful exhaust notes and get on the throttle a bit. But one Ford Mustang owner wanted to steal the spotlight and did so in a very embarrassing way.

As the driver was leaving, they decided to rev the engine and do a burnout. Except the only problem was that he had the clutch in the entire time and kept getting on the throttle as the car slowly moved. As he slipped onto the road, a loud bang is heard and parts of the transmission bell housing were seen being spit onto the street, and the crowd went wild.

You burned out the wrong thing, bro.

[Source: MaloneBugsy666 YouTube Channel]

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