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Celebrate Winter by Snow Drifting the Nürburgring!

Porsche 911 SCRS in Snowy Nurburgring

… In a Rothmans ‎Porsche 911 SCRS!

Snow doesn’t exactly make for the most enjoyable driving conditions (unless you’re in an empty parking lot), and it’s even worse for racetracks. The snow means that there will be no racing for a long time. The folks at the Nürburgring decided to change that with the help of a Rothmans ‎Porsche 911 SCRS.

Porsche 911 SCRS in Snowy Nurburgring

With Driver, Patrick Simon, behind the wheel, and meaty snow tires on the wheels, the Porsche was unleashed on the snowy Grand-Prix circuit of the Nürburgring.

While the Porsche isn’t as fast as other races being held on dry pavement, it is no less entertaining – especially from the driver’s seat.

Now if only we can somehow convince the Nürburgring to create a racing series in the snow…

Source: Nürburgring YouTube

Would you want to drive the Nürburgring Grand-Prix circuit in the snow?


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