This Chevy Real People Commercial has the Worst Valet

Chevrolet Real People Not Actors valet Parody

They just need to stop with these commercials.

Every time a Chevrolet “Real People. Not Actors” commercial comes across the screen, most of us cringe knowing that stupid people looking at cars they know absolutely nothing about is about to waste the next 30 seconds of their lives. While we mostly feel the same way, there’s hope, and his name is Mahk.

Chevrolet Real People Not Actors valet Parody

This time around, Mahk is here to absolutely ruin the new Valet commercial in the ridiculous run of “Real People. Not Actors” commercials from Chevrolet. Starring the new Equinox, unsuspecting “Real People” are given the wrong car by a fake valet, then given a quick tour of the interior.

Of course, they’re all amazed and flabbergasted when they are told that it’s a Chevy, despite the big bowtie emblem staring them in the face inside and out. Mahk also points out that the price of the car that is shown is $36,950 – a huge difference compared to the price that the valet tells people what the Equinox starts at.

Also, Kudos if you get the ‘Repo Man’ reference at the end.

Source: Zebra Corner

How spot on is Mahk’s assessment in this Chevrolet “Real People. Not Actors” valet commercial?


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