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This is the Craziest Dump-Truck Mistake You’ll See!

Dump Truck Raised Bed Crash

Absolutely nuts.

When you’re driving any kind of vehicle, you’re supposed to be aware of your surroundings, including your vehicle. That’s especially the case if you’re driving a heavy-duty vehicle such as a dump truck. Safety is first, last, and always. This oblivious truck driver didn’t get that memo.

In a video posted on Facebook by Carlos Escobedo, a dump truck driver caused a serious crash in the northbound lanes of the city’s East Loop at Market Street on Friday, August 25th. The driver of the vehicle trailing the dump truck had attempted to warn the driver that their truck bed was raised but it fell on deaf ears.

Dump Truck Raised Bed Crash

We’re not sure how the driver of the dump truck didn’t realize that the bed was still raised while driving. The sheer noise and turbulence generated by it while at speed on the expressway would’ve tipped most drivers off. Heck, a simple look in the side mirrors would have as well. The countless drivers that warned them (including the one that posted the Facebook video) should have alerted them too.

The dump truck driver, however, kept going on their merry way without noticing the raised bed until it was too late. The bed crashed right into an overhead sign on the expressway and caused it to fall while putting the truck on its side. It brought traffic to a halt and caused a huge mess.

According to ABC13 Houston, the driver was taken to the hospital and their condition was not yet known.

Just please, folks, PAY ATTENTION!

Source: Carlos Escobedo Facebook, ABC13 Houston

How crazy is this dump truck crash in Houston?


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