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Dark Deviant Lamborghini LP640 by PUR DESIGN

When one thinks of Dark and Deviant the first thing that may come to mind is an image of a person in goth attire totally deviating from what is considered to be the norm. In this particular case, the Dark Deviant is a gothed-out LP640 sporting a set of well received PUR Design 1NE wheels.

The PUR Design 1NE wheel is a lightweight forged monoblock with a unique split 5 design that holds a very minimalistic style while still carrying a very nice appeal. For this particular set up the 1NE was finished in a Modern Satin Black finish that nicely contrasts the LP640’s factory finish. The front fitment consists of a 20×8.5 with 235/30-20’s while the back aggressively staggers at 20×13 wrapped with 345/25-20 Nitto Invo tires.


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