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Darrell Waltrip loses his lunch and screams like a little girl at the Bathurst 1000

NASCAR goes racing down under.

Racing legend Darrell Waltrip, three-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion and winner of 84 stock car racing victories, knows speed and knows how to win. Before the annual Bathurst 1000 touring car race, Waltrip took a ride in an Aussie V-8 Supercar for Speed Channel.

Waltrip was taken around the Mount Panorama Circuit for a few hot laps in a Holden Commodore to give viewers a different perspective on what it’s like to drive in the Bathurst 1000. What viewers got was an unforgettable five minutes of television that will likely never be forgotten and a list of high-pitched quotes from a racing legend.

Here are a few quotes from the Darrell Waltrip video:

“This is a geological oddity.”
“I hate the corkscrew.”
“I just lost my lunch and I didn’t even have any!”
“It’s hell corner! It’s hell corner! Not hell corner!”

Darrell Waltrip Bathurst 1000 Video


[Source: Youtube]

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