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DMC Exotic Car Tuning Unveils its MCC Edition Ferrari 458 Italia

DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia

Monte Carlo Carbon.

If you own a Ferrari 458 Italia, then the folks at DMC Exotic Car Tuning have an aerodynamic upgrade package to suit your tastes. They have the DMC Estremo for those with outrageous tastes, the DMC Elegante for the unique aftermarket look, and the DMC Monte Carlo for the more subtle, updated look. Now, they have a new flavor for owners that want that updated look with a bit more aggressiveness called the DMC MCC Edition Ferrari 458 Italia.

Named for the Monte Carlo Carbon, the DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia adds onto the original Monte Carlo edition styling upgrade on the Italian sports car. The Monte Carlo is intended to give the 458 Italia the updated 2014 look and add a touch of aggressiveness to the supercar. The MCC Edition though, takes that Monte Carlo look and improves upon it with an OEM-like look of exposed carbon fiber.

The new DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia features a new, commanding front bumper with a protruding lower portion extends outwards and creates an enlarged set of front air intakes. Moving towards each side of the fender are air outlets above the tires in carbon fiber. Beneath the lower portion of the bumper sits a corresponding carbon fiber spoiler lip that also extends outwards to generate additional downforce. The final touch is a pair of carbon fiber side bumper diffusers to help optimize airflow at higher speeds.

DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia

The beauty of the DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia and its Monte Carlo sibling is that the entire bumper setup utilizes the OEM mounting brackets and requires no modification. The factory bumper can be saved and re-installed without damage at a later date if desired.

The entire DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia styling and aerodynamic package can be installed in full exposed carbon fiber or parts can be painted to create an athletic and commanding presence. Pricing for the entire setup has not been released.

DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia Specifications

-Carbon fiber front bumper
-Carbon fiber front spoiler lip
-Carbon fiber side bumper diffusers

DMC MCC Ferrari 458 Italia Gallery

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning Limited

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