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DMC Goes All Black with the Ferrari 458 Elegante

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante

One dark devil.

During the summer of 2013, DMC Exotic Car Tuning released its Ferrari 458 Elegante upgrade program that featured all sorts of lightweight carbon fiber, a new set of shoes, interior goodies, and a 600 horsepower V-8 engine. The package was a hit, and now Luxury Custom in Switzerland has installed one of the DMC 458 Elegante packages to create a unique blacked-out supercar.

The new DMC 458 Elegante on the Ferrari features all sorts of aerodynamic body work designed to improve airflow and generate downforce in all the right places. Two carbon fiber front lips extend forward and help keep the front axle planted to the asphalt. A pair of carbon fiber side skirts optimizes airflow with their extended diffusers as they run towards the rear. Below the rear bumper sits a carbon fiber diffuser that helps to create a suction effect beneath the supercar.

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante

Black was the theme for the Ferrari 458 Elegante. All of the body work was kept black while the windows and lighting have all been tinted to match the sinister color scheme. Even the five, twin-spoke concave wheels were given a black finish, with only the yellow brake calipers providing contrast.

As with all of the DMC conversions, the body work is guaranteed to not visually damage the vehicle and the supercar can be returned to the factory look at any time. The featured DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante was built by Luxury Custom in Switzerland and photography was taken by Swiss Rich Streets, TM SuperCars Photography and FD Car Photography.

DMC Ferrari 458 Elegante Gallery

Photographer Credit:
Swiss Rich Streets
T.M.Supercars Photography
F.D. Car Photography

Source: DMC Exotic Car Tuning

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