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Don’t Blink, or You’ll Miss this Incredibly Fast Pit Stop!

Williams F1 Pit Stop Record

Sliding in under the 2.0-second mark.

In racing, speed is everything. The less time that you spend in the pits, the greater your chances of winning. When it comes to speed in the pits, the Williams F1 team is at the top of the game.

Williams F1 Pit Stop Record

At the European Grand Prix, the Williams team matched the world record Red Bull time for fastest pit stop ever, winning DHL’s fastest pit stop award for the race.

Williams was able to achieve an incredible tire-change pit stop of only 1.92 seconds at the grand prix in Azerbaijan in a perfect symphony of speed and teamwork. Hats off to the crew!

Source: DHL YouTube

Do you think this pit stop time can be beaten?


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