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Don’t be an Idiot. Torque your Lug Nuts Properly.

Nissan 240SX Wheel Falls Off

This is why we can’t have nice things.

When you drive any kind of vehicle, you should really check and make sure that your wheels are secure and the lug nuts are properly torqued and tightened. Having a wheel come off while driving can be devastating and very dangerous. BUT WHO CARES, RIGHT?!

This Nissan 240SX that’s been modified to the gills with stuff found that out in a rainy parking lot, and we all feel for the abused car.

Nissan 240SX Wheel Falls Off

While attempting to drift in a wet parking lot and drive away, a wheel completely came off the 240SX and rolled down the sidewalk. That’s usually very, very bad. So, the group of friends came together, tried to jack it up in the wrong spot, then put the wheel back on. After finding the right jacking point, they decided that they could just secure the wheel temporarily by hand-tightening one lug nut. Not multiple lug nuts, A SINGLE ONE – TIGHTENED BY HAND.

That is just asking for it, even if you’re going a couple of feet. Sure enough, the wheel came off completely and rolled beneath the fender, causing significant body damage. The reaction is priceless.

Don’t be stupid.

Source: Shooting Cars YouTube

How stupid were these kids trying to secure a wheel by using only one hand-tightened lug nut?


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