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This Double-Park Fake Spray Paint Prank Probably isn’t a Good Idea

(Warning, NSFW language)

And it’s a good way to get into a fight.

Oh those double-parked drivers really get under our skin. Who do they think they are parking their vehicle in more than one spot?! How dare they do that! Ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble!

Well one guy from the Simple Misfits on YouTube decided to pull a prank on all of those drivers that think they can park their car wherever they please. He took a can of fake spray paint that can be easily removed and marked where the parking lines were on their car or truck.

After leaving a note saying it was fake, he ran away and taped the owner’s reactions, which were –as you would’ve guessed – very angry and upset. Granted the spray can be wiped off easily, but it’s still a big pain in the butt and kind of a jerk thing to do. However, you could argue that their parking job was too.

Maybe it works out to be even in the end, but it’s still entertaining.

Source: Simple Misfits YouTube Channel

Would you like to do this to a car that is parked like an idiot?


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