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DP Motorsport builds a lightweight 1973 Porsche 911

Track-ready vintage Porsche greatness.

1973 was a great year for Porsche and DP Motorsport. It was the year that the German automaker launched arguably the greatest 911 ever – the 911 Carrera RS. DP Motorsport was founded that same year and began upgrading and developing performance products for Porsche models. To celebrate the memorable year, the German tuner has introduced an ultra-lightweight 1973 Porsche 911.

The DP Motorsport Porsche 911 is a showcase of the company’s abilities. The entire body kit, which includes the front bumper, hood, flared fenders, doors, rear bumper, and rear spoiler, has all been manufactured out of lightweight carbon fiber. To save even more weight, the windows and windshields have been replaced with lightweight Plexiglas and green-heated elements. The taillight holders and headlight lenses are lighter than the stock units and both hoods have been given quick release fasteners. Even the air conditioner cover, underride protection, and roof panel have been made of carbon fiber to save weight.

Powering the featherweight DP Motorsport Porsche 911 is a 3.6-liter air-cooled flat-six engine with a 50 mm PMO carburetor and open air filters. The flat-six was also given an advance curve double fuse ignition system and boasts an output of 310 horsepower. All 310 ponies are sent through a G-50 transmission and limited slip differential to a set of 13 x 15 Fuchs wheels with 345/35 R 15 tires. The front is set up with a pair of 9 x 15 Fuchs with 225/50 R 15 tires to negate understeer.

The entire suspension and braking system has been revised for ultimate track performance. New DP Motorsport coilovers, adjustable stabilizers, and a new head bearing were installed while the rear was given independent arms with Uniball bushings. The entire stock braking system was replaced with those from a 964-generation Porsche 911.

The entire interior has been revamped by DP Motorsport for racing duty. A welded roll cage protects the cockpit, new DP Motorsport Porsche 935 seats have been installed, the central tunnel has been raised, and a new steering wheel with Porsche horn faces the driver. Alcatara has been used throughout the interior due to its low weight and grip characteristics. New racing components such as a 25-amp gel battery and DP Motorsport Clubsport 70-liter fuel tank were installed to ensure driver safety.

After all of the upgrades and modifications, the 1973 DP Motorsport Porsche 911 weighs in at an astonishing 1,918 lbs. (870 kg) without fuel. Pricing and availability of the parts and upgrades have not been released by DP Motorsport.

DP Motorsport 1973 Porsche 911 Specifications

Displacement: 3.6 liters
Number of Cylinders: Flat-six
Aspiration: Naturally aspirated
Maximum Horsepower: 310 (228 kW)
-50 mm PMO carburetor with open air filters
-Advance curve double fuse

Type: G-50 gearbox with limited-slip differential
Drive: Rear-wheel

Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Brakes:
Wheels: Fuchs
Front Wheels: 9 x 15
Rear Wheels: 13 x 15
Front Tires: 225/50 R15
Rear Tires: 345/35 R15
Brakes: Porsche 964 911 braking system
Suspension: DP coilovers, adjustable stabilizers, head bearing, spring plates, rear axle independent arms, Uniball bushings.

-DP11 RS2011 carbon fiber body kit
-Front bumper and hood
-Rear bumper and hood
-Fender flares
-Green-heated windscreen
-Green-toned Plexiglas windows
-Lightweight lamp lenses
-Lightweight taillight holders
-Carbon fiber air conditioner cover
-Carbon fiber underride protection
-Carbon fiber roof panel
-Quick release hood latches

-DP 935 busket seats
-Alcantara upholstery
-Carbon dashboard
-Knee bar set
-Welded roll cage
-Raised center tunnel
-Steering wheel with Porsche horn
-Carbon underbody
-70-liter DP Clubsport fuel tank
-25-amp gel battery
-Carbon brake cooling housing

Total Weight: 1,918/870 kg (without fuel)

DP Motorsport 1973 Porsche 911 Gallery

[Source: DP Motorsport]

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