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Enjoy this Compilation of Drifting Fails Performed by Idiots

Car Drift Crash Compilation

This is what happens when you’re stupid.

Guys, we get it. Drifting, donuts, and hooning your car is seriously fun. There’s not much that matches the white-knuckled, adrenaline-filled excitement that going sideways behind the wheel of a car gives you. But, people need to stop doing it in public places around other people and things!

This video compilation of idiots crashing into cars, property, and people while trying to show off is exactly why we can’t have nice things. Stupid, irresponsible drivers like this give all of us car enthusiasts a bad name when they drive recklessly on public roads or in parking lots while trying to look cool.

Car Drift Crash Compilation

It doesn’t make you look talented, doesn’t make you popular, and it certainly isn’t fun for anyone when you crash into their property. In that case, nobody wins. You just look like a complete jackass.

So, while all of these bad drivers crashing are fun to watch on video, let it be a lesson to you that driving like this can have some serious consequences when it’s not done at the track.

Source: kuzmitchz YouTube

Which one of these drift fails was your favorite to watch?


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