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Famous Parts Builds a Widebody Audi R8

Famous Parts Audi R8

Brute force.

The Audi R8 has a wide, low-slung presence all its own. Its LED lighting and mid-engined layout immediately grabs attention on the road. But then there’s the project that Famous Parts created for a customer that commands the road with its widebody design and roaring exhaust.

What makes the Audi R8 by Famous Parts so imposing is its new widebody kit that extends both axles significantly. Famous Parts teamed up with the widebody specialists at Prior Design who offered up their Audi R8 GT-850 widebody kit for this particular conversion project. The PUR-RIM kit features a new front bumper with carbon fiber splitter and air inlets, hood inlets, a carbon fiber roof scoop, side skirts with integrated LEDs, a large rear wing, and rear diffuser, all designed to create maximum aerodynamic stability. But the extended fenders at the front and rear are the real attention-getters that widen the axles by 60mm and 80 mm, respectively for a muscular stance.

Famous Parts Audi R8

Instead of sticking with the new fad of wrapping the entire car, the team at Famous Parts decided to paint the widebody Audi R8 in the exclusive Pearl Matte White factory paint.

After the wider and more powerful bodywork was installed, Famous Parts shifted their focus onto the chassis of the Audi R8. The supercar was given an optimized Magnetic Ride damper system tuned by the German company for better performance and the new wheel and tire fitment. Filling in the bulging fenders are three-piece Rotiform forged wheels measuring 10.0J x 20 up front and 13.5J x 20 at the rear, wearing a contrasting black face and white barrel finish. Up front, the wheels were outfitted with 255/30R20 Continental Sport tires while the rear was given a pair of 345/25R20s.

Famous Parts Audi R8

Finally, the team wrapped up the project with a few engine upgrades. Famous Parts installed a new Capristo sports exhaust system with remote-controlled flaps and quad tips for a variable sound quality. The Audi R8 was also given a new air intake system and an ECU software tune to crank out even more power.

The featured Audi R8 by Famous Parts was built in about three months for a customer. All of the featured parts can be ordered and installed by the German company.

Famous Parts Audi R8 Specifications

-ECU Tune
-Capristo remote-controlled sport flap exhaust system with quad tips
-Modified air intake system

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Rotiform three-piece forged with black face and white barrels
Front Wheels: 10.0J x 20
Rear Wheels: 13.5J x 20
Tires: Continental Sport
Front Tires: 255/30R20
Rear Tires: 345/25R20
Suspension: Modified/re-tuned Magnetic Ride dampers

-Prior Design GT-850 widebody kit
-Extended front (60 mm) and rear (80 mm) fenders
– Pearl Matte White factory paint

Famous Parts Audi R8 Gallery

Source: Famous Parts

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