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Insanity at the Isle of Mann.

The Audi Sport Quattro raised all sorts of hell in the days of Group B during the 1980s. Even today it is still nothing short of an utterly insane car that requires the utmost in skill to drive and control.

At the Isle of Mann Classic 2012, Keith Edwards Motors ran a converted Audi Sport Quattro with Pikes Peak bodywork, an 800-horsepower or so engine, and all sorts of racing goodies. The car began as a longer wheelbase original Quattro but was given a shorter wheelbase and all the other good stuff to make it incredibly close to being identical to one of the original 224 Audi Sport Quattro models produced.

The Audi Sport Quattro run by Keith Edwards Motors is out of this world; spitting out a steady stream of smoke with the occasional backfire from its side exhaust. The turbocharger spools up into a frenzied mass of power as all four wheels attempt to grip the asphalt, and the gearbox whines as all 800 horses are put to work. Such a raw racecar is a thing of beauty.

[Source: Thatclicks YouTube Channel]

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