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Featured Fitment – BMW M6 with Brixton Forged M53 Wheels

BMW M6 Brixton Forged M53 Wheels

Droppin’ the top and rollin’ hard.

You know you’re doing things right when you’re rolling down the road in a BMW M6 with the top down. If it’s dressed in satin black and wearing new Brixton Forged M53 wheels, then your motoring game is on point.

BMW M6 Brixton Forged M53 Wheels

The BMW M6 Cabriolet is one of the best cruisers on the market. It has all the luxury you’ll need, the ability to drop the top, a 553 horsepower twin-turbocharged V-8, and good driving dynamics. But the team at R1 Motorsport in California made it even better.

The twin-turbocharged grand tourer was dressed in a slick satin black wrap to give it a more dominating presence and stand out even more on the road. Next up was a new set of Brixton Forged M53 three piece forged wheels.

BMW M6 Brixton Forged M53 Wheels

The new Brixton Forged M53 wheels are a part of the brand’s Monaco Series with a concave face that reflects power and exclusivity. The aggressively-fitted wheels were installed in a 10.0 x 21 front and 11.0 x 21 rear setup with deep reverse-lip rim halves and super concave profile forgings. Each wheel wears a Firecracker Black (gloss clear) outer rim with Firecracker Black (matte clear) face and exposed hardware to complement the satin black exterior wrap.

After the more sinister, dark transformation, this BMW M6 quickly becomes the ultimate summer cruiser.

Fitment Specifications

Vehicle: BMW M6 Cabriolet
Wheels: Brixton Forged Monaco M53 three-piece concave
Front Wheels: 10.0 x 21
Rear Wheels: 11.0 x 21
Wheel Finish: Firecracker Black (gloss clear) outer, Firecracker Black (matte clear) face, and exposed bolt hardware.
Other: Satin Black vehicle wrap

BMW M6 with Brixton Forged M53 Wheels Gallery

Source: Brixton Forged

Do you like the sinister style of this BMW M6 with Brixton Forged M53 wheels?


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