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Featured Fitment – Bringing Sexy back with the HRE 505 Vintage Series Wheels

Classic character on a modern super car.

Remember those HRE Vintage Series wheels that brought a classic touch to the super cars of today? Well, we finally got our hands on a film by Paul Nguyen of eGarage on Vimeo that shows off one of the first cars to be fitted with the HRE 505 Vintage Series.

The HRE 505 Vintage Series wheels are some of our favorites because they bring back timeless style to modern day sports cars. The HRE 505 wheels have a classic Italian character to them with their fat-five spoke and star design, but are made using advanced technology. Each wheel is manufactured using aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel or titanium fasteners to provide drivers with a lower weight option with high-strength properties.

One owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia set out to create a stance that was reminiscent of the P4/5 Ferrari model. The forged, multi-piece wheels were each finished in a matte bronze color to contrast the bright red paint that is characteristic of Ferrari. The end result is a modern Italian super car that pays homage to its storied past.

[Source: / Paul Nguyen on Vimeo]

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