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Featured Fitment: Snowy Ferrari 458 Italia with PUR RS03 Wheels

Ferrari 458 Italia with PUR RS03 Wheels

Black and White.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a beautiful example of what an Italian supercar should be. Its wedge-shaped body with sexy curves is intoxicating, while its mid-engined V-8 engine and driving dynamics are nothing short of brilliant. The 458 Italia is a stunning machine, especially when it’s fitted with a set of PUR RS03 wheels and snowflakes are falling from the sky.

This black Ferrari 458 Italia was outfitted with a new Novitec Rosso aerodynamic kit dressed in a contrasting gunmetal grey finish. The kit includes a front lip, side skirts, rear wing, and rear diffuser that add some extra downforce and optimize airflow for better overall performance.

Ferrari 458 Italia with PUR RS03 Wheels

But the real attention-getter is the new set of PUR RS03 wheels. These new PUR Wheels feature a nine-spoke design with a rear concave style to emphasize the rear-wheel drive power of the Ferrari 458 Italia. Up front, the PUR RS03 wheels were installed in a 20 x 8.5 setup while the rear comes in at a staggered 21 x 12.5, allowing the supercar to flex its muscles while standing still. Each of the monoblock wheels was given a slick Gloss Black Diamond that perfectly matches the body color of the 458 Italia.

What made the fitment even better were the big snowflakes that began to fall just as it was pulled from the showroom for the photoshoot, creating a spectacular winter supercar scene.

Fitment Specifications

Wheels: PUR RS03 Monoblock
Front Wheels: 20 x 8.5
Rear Wheels: 21 x 12.5
Finish: Gloss Black Diamond

Ferrari 458 Italia with PUR RS03 Wheels Gallery

Source: PUR Wheels

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