BMW M6 Owner Smashes his Car Again at the Geneva Motor Show


Take that, BMW!

Pourmohseni Hadi hasn’t had a very enjoyable ownership experience with his 2007 BMW M6 Coupe. Since buying the car in 2008, he has experienced a large number of problems that according to him have not been resolved through BMW Italia or the BMW headquarters in Munich.

Last year, he decided to stage a protest in front of the IAA motor show by taking a sledgehammer to the BMW M6 to show the automaker what he thought of their car and their response to his problems.

Well, he had the same car repaired and brought it back to the Geneva Motor Show where he decided to stage another protest. This time he plastered his car with decals showing his dissatisfaction and again pelted it with a sledgehammer.

He believes that the car was flawless and without any mechanical issues when he first purchased it back in 2008. Since then he believes it has experienced issues that have not been isolated incidents with just his car, according to Hadi.

If you have the money to make a point like this, then go right ahead.

Source: Regine K YouTube

Would you do this to your BMW M6 if you kept having unresolved issues?


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