The Ferrari 812 Superfast is here and it Sounds Glorious!

Ferrari 812 Superfast Video

Moar V-12, please!

Whether you love or hate the design of the new Ferrari 812 Superfast, you can’t deny that it sounds absolutely beautiful in the latest film from the Italian automaker. The official launch video of the V-12 grand tourer is packed with CGI but has the 6.5-liter howling.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Video

The new 6.5-liter, V-12 engine derived from the F12Berlinetta might just be the last naturally-aspirated 12-cylidner from the Italian automaker, and it sounds fantastic in the 812 Superfast. The 789 bhp motor sends the exotic to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds from rest and to a top speed of 210 mph thanks to its aerodynamically-optimized design.

While this launch video is heavy on the 3-D graphics and effects, it gives us a taste of the fun we’ll be getting once it hits the road.

Source: Ferrari

Do you like the exhaust note of the new Ferrari 812 Superfast?


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