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Friday FAIL: Here’s Another Reason Why Street Racing is Bad

Mercedes-AMG A45 Crash in Columbia

This Mercedes-AMG A45 is no more.

Hey guys, want to hear something crazy? STREET RACING IS BAD. Yeah, we’re serious, it’s not good. Street racing is not only illegal, but it’s dangerous to yourself and others on the road. Want to see why? Fire up that there YouTube and find out!

This video comes from Santiago de Cali, Columbia, in one of the longest urban tunnels in the country. A group of racers stopped traffic at the beginning of this tunnel to make this video and race through the tunnel without having to deal with traffic. That was the first mistake.

Mercedes-AMG A45 Crash in Columbia

Next, most of the cars put the pedal to the metal in the winding tunnel, achieving some serious speeds. One Mercedes-AMG A45 was going so fast that it lost control and slammed into the wall, where it slid on its side to the end of the tunnel and into the middle of the road. While it was sliding on the pavement, it slammed into a metal divider, forming the guard rails. This resulted in a pretty big impact and caused the A45 to flip multiple times before coming to a rest.

This crash in Columbia is just one of many accidents that have come as a result from street racing.

Just don’t do it!

Source: FERSSODJ YouTube

How crazy was this street racing crash in Columbia?


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