Ferrari F430 Scuderia w/ Axiom Wheels – Fitment Friday

Working with the highest quality forgings available, Axiom engineers craft aluminum alloys into lightweight racing and street wheels with jewel-like precision. State of the art multi-axis CNC mills allow their artisans to skillfully sculpt these forgings into a technically perfect work of art with unrivaled aesthetic appeal.

One fine example of the perfect masterpieces they produce are the Axiom AX-MS01 wheels, featured on this Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The Axiom AX-MS01 features machine faceted edges, blind bolts, a billet aluminum cap, and weight reduction pockets on the spokes, assembly flange, and mounting pad.

The performance driven ten-spoke design of the AX-MS01 compliments the Scuderia very well while maintaining a light weight. The front fitment consists of 20×8.5 wheels wrapped with 245/30-20’s, while the rear measures a staggering 20×12 and is wrapped in 325/25-20 Pirelli Pzero Nero tires. The AX-MS01 centers are finished with a shot peen hard anodize, complimented by Chrome outer lips.

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Fitment Credit:
Axiom Wheels
1710 Ord Way, Oceanside, CA 92050
Phone: 305.477.5850

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