The Ferrari F70 Enzo Successor looks to be all kinds of Crazy – Video


Keeping things under wraps.

Since the Ferrari stopped production on the Enzo, the automotive world has been speculating on what its successor will be; when it will be unveiled; and what will power it.

Well, so far, we know that it’s going to be really fast, it’s going to be powerful, and it’s most likely going to be bright red. And that’s about it.

The new Ferrari F70 as it has come to be known has been kept under wraps (literally) for quite some time now. There’s been speculation that it will utilize a hybrid powertrain, which is backed up by featured video of the upcoming hyper car and its quiet exhaust note.

We’re not sure what Ferrari has underneath all of that camouflage, and we can’t wait to find out.

[Source: SpeedSpot YouTube Channel]

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