Ferrari J50: An Eastern Exclusive

Ferrari J50

Just in time for the 50th Anniversary of The Prancing Horse in Japan!

A perfect gift for the ridiculously wealthy person who wants to give to an equally filthy rich individual and feels that the 488 is not only less pretty than the 458 Italia, but is also a little bent out of shape that the limited batch of LaFerrari Apertas was sold out before the ink on the press release got dry.

Ferrari J50

Ferrari has a solution for you, watashi no tomodachi, It’s called the J50.

The J50 was designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre and created by Maranello’s Special Projects department, each of the ten J50s will make the most of Ferrari’s personalization program. The show car itself wears Ferrari’s special shade of three-layer red.

Ferrari J50

Hints of 288 GTO, F40, and F50 are prevalent in the car’s design. The 488 Spider’s folding hardtop was replaced by a two piece targa made of carbon fiber, which can be stowed behind the seats. To make the most of the open top experience, the 3.9 twin-turbo V8 was also dialed up to 690 horsepower and given enhanced aerodynamics for J50 duty. These aerodynamics give the car’s upper body the look of a helmet. Quite appropriate since every performance aspect of the car has been amped up.

Ferrari J50

The engine is visible through a gorgeous polycarbonate cover as is the norm for high-output Italian exotics these days and this one is very tastefully done. The rear diffuser was shaped like a pair of afterburners and the J50 gets unique 20″ forged rims, plus an interior full of naked carbon and Alcantara.

Ferrari J50

The J50 is a perfect Ferrari collectible. Maybe Maranello will consider it for duty elsewhere the same way Aston Martin provided the Taraf after exclusively making it for the Middle East. Let’s hope so because if you were thinking of putting it on your gift list, it may not work out since we now know about it. The supply may be already gone before the ink dries — once again.

Do you think the Ferrari J50 is a proper limited-edition exotic?


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