Find out why Batman should Daily-Drive a McLaren!

Batman should Daily Drive a McLaren 650S Spider

Ditch the Tumbler and get a 650 Spider.

As a superhero, Batman has a whole array of high-tech goodies, tools, weapons, and vehicles at his disposal to fight crime. While his ‘Batmobiles’ have transformed over the years, he’s always had his daily-driver that he can go around town in as Bruce Wayne.

Batman should Daily Drive a McLaren 650S Spider

In the latest films, Batman/Bruce Wayne drove a Lamborghini. It seemed to be a perfect fit, however the.leviathan has a better idea for a daily-driver for the Dark Knight: a McLaren 650S Spider.

Why the McLaren 650S Spider? Not only does it have all the high-tech goodies Batman needs, but it also has a certain character, presence, and cache that fit his personality like a glove.

Check out the video and see why the.leviathan thinks Bruce Wayne should drive the British super car.

Source: the.leviathan

Do you think Batman should daily-drive a McLaren 650S Spider instead of a Lamborghini?


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