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Finish up Your Friday with Some Crazy Cars


Donk time.

There are some cars that you just love to hate, and we’re guessing that these two are probably on your list. We’ve seen car modifications that range from the subtle to the extreme with the latter usually garnering some polarizing opinions.

This Dodge Charger and Mercedes-Benz R500 will likely stir up some differing opinions. The Charger is just downright outrageous and has television screens on the outside. Why are they mounted on the outside? Because why not? That’s why. The R500 has a big set of wheels and bright chrome exterior that grabs attention as it blinds onlookers and looks like some kind of UFO rolling down the road.

Regardless of your opinion on the two cars, you have to give them credit for making unique rides that seem to have some good build quality and craftsmanship.


Source: Ace Whips, Platinum Player

What do you think of these two cars?


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