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Ford Mustangs vs. Crowds is going International!

Ford Mustang vs Crowd in Mexico

Running into people south of the border.

Well, folks, you’re no longer safe traveling abroad from the dreaded Ford Mustang. What was once thought to be contained in the United States has snow spread to other countries including Mexico.

Ford Mustang vs Crowd in Mexico

At the Motor Fest, in Rio Bravo, two Ford Mustangs were doing a coordinated burnout show for a large crowd. For the most part, the tire-shredding dance was pretty impressive with loads of tire smoke and sliding sideways.

However, one of the Mustangs lost control and plowed right into a group of bystanders in the crowd, injuring several people.

In order for the “Mustangs driving into crowds” stereotypes and jokes to stop, there needs to be less material to fuel the fire. Soon, Ford is going to start integrated pedestrian targeting systems in their Mustangs or something…

Source: mode99yea YouTube

Are you starting to get sick of seeing Ford Mustangs driving into crowds of people?


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