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Friday FAIL: And Another Road Rage Idiot

Friday FAIL: Instant Karma Ram

Instant Karma is the best, isn’t it?

It’s always great to see dangerous and stupid people get what’s coming to them, especially with drivers who have road rage. This green Honda Civic near Grantham, New Hampshire got in quite a bit of trouble while trying to ram another driver.

While traveling down the two-lane I-89 near Grantham, a Honda Civic driver grew increasingly frustrated and angry over the fact that a Subaru was in the left lane and not passing quick enough. After finally getting the chance to pass, the Civic driver got into the right lane then swerved towards the Subaru in an attempt to ram them and cause an accident.

Friday FAIL: Instant Karma Ram

Thankfully, the Civic missed hitting the Subaru and instead lost control, hitting the guard rail before coming to a stop.

According to WMUR, the driver then attempted to flee but were taken into custody by Exit 13 on I-89 by New Hampshire State Police, where they were arrested for reckless driving.

(Warning, some NSFW language)

Source: TheInvisibleProject YouTube

How satisfying is it to see this kind of Instant Karma for this road rager?


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