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Friday FAIL: Car Thief Joyrides then Dumps Car in Dublin

Friday FAIL Car Thief Dublin

Total scumbag.

Car thieves are scumbags that deserve to be in jail. Taking somebody’s property that they earned and paid for, and causing damage to it is a terrible thing to do. This car thief in Dublin, Ireland took that to the next level.

The car thief drove the victim’s car through streets, going the wrong way and revved the life out of the engine. Even though there were other drivers trying to get through, the thief didn’t care and proceeded to go the wrong way and pull the handbrake while rapidly turning and squealing tires.

Friday FAIL Car Thief Dublin

When the engine finally began to die, the thief decided that it was time to dump the car. So, they steered the dying vehicle towards the river where they bailed at the last second. When the car hit the water, a loud cheer erupted likely from their idiot friends cheering the terrible deed.

Here’s to hoping this thief gets arrested!

How mad would you be if someone stole your car then drove it like this?


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