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Friday FAIL: Car vs Motorcycle Road Rage Always Ends Well

One of these things is more dangerous than the other…

Okay folks, by now you’ve seen how bad road rage can be for everyone driving. People with road rage have given us quite a lot of Friday FAILs due to their stupidity. This is just another example.

In what appears to be some Eastern European country (or probably just Russia), a pair of motorcyclists were plenty mad at one driver. The video starts off with them angry, so we’re not quite sure what started the situation, but judging by those involved, it was probably something stupid.

Anyways, the motorcyclists follow the car and attempt to get them to stop by boxing it in. The car wasn’t going to have any of that and speeds by along with another car. The pair of motorcyclists, obviously enraged at the driver’s effort to evade them, speed back up to the car and get him to stop. The car finally comes to a stop at a busy intersection. The one rider then tries to open the locked door, grabs the driver through the window and hits them. The driver speeds up into traffic and as the motorcycle rider is getting back on his bike, the driver of the car backs up and hits him.

Well that wasn’t very nice.

What we have here are a few idiots that couldn’t let one incident go and it ended up in an assault with a deadly weapon, or whatever the laws state out there. Big FAIL on everybody.

Don’t engage in road rage, kids.

Source: EpicUploads4You YouTube Channel

Who was the bigger offender in this Friday FAIL Road Rage incident?


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