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Friday FAIL: This Cement Truck has all the Cushion and is Pushin’

Friday FAIL cement truck

What is going on here?

This week’s Friday FAIL is more of a head-scratcher than anything else. What we see from the video uploader is a cement truck pushing a Toyota Camry down the highway like it’s no big deal whatsoever.

According to the video uploader, the cement truck rear-ended the Toyota Camry. Then, the cars just continued on their merry ways with the truck pushing the Camry. Either the driver of the cement truck was so mad that they weren’t having any of this stopping business or the Camry driver wanted to prove a point and just let them push their car.

Either way, it’s a big FAIL on both drivers because of how dangerous this is for not just themselves, but everybody else on the highway.


Source: jtocs YouTube Channel

Who’s the bigger idiot here: the cement truck driver or the Camry driver?


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