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Friday FAIL: Change your freaking Oil!

Friday FAIL: Change your Oil!

Some people shouldn’t own cars.

Vehicles require basic maintenance. Changing your oil is probably the most important and relatively easiest way to ensure that your engine and vehicle last. You can do it yourself most of the time, and if you can’t, it’s easy to get done at a dealership or shop.

There’s no excuse not to change your oil. When you don’t it turns to sludge and just ruins your engine. We’ve seen some horribly-maintained vehicles, but this Volkswagen takes the cake.

Friday FAIL: Change your Oil!

The owner had not changed the oil for so long, that it had turned to a coagulated mess of goop that slowly drained out of the oil pan. It was so old and bad, that the mechanics could actually touch it and play with it as it drained and not get messy.

We understand forgetting about changing your oil, and even being too lazy to get it done to a point, but this is utterly insane. We’re not even sure if/how this engine was able to run at all with oil like this.

Change your damn oil on time!

Source: Dan McDonald YouTube

Is this the worst oil that you’ve ever seen come out of a vehicle?


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