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Friday FAIL: Corvettes Crash while Showing Off Too!

Friday FAIL 9 Second Corvette Crash

When a 9-second Corvette is a 9-second Corvette.

We’ve seen and heard Ford Mustangs crashing into crowds for years now as their owners attempt to show off and quickly lose control. However, these incidents surprisingly aren’t just limited to the Ford Mustang – they can happen to other sports cars too!

Back in late-spring at the start of car show season, Tune Time Performance was hosting a get together and showing off some of their vehicles along with customer cars. It was a good way to kick off the car show season and bring potential customers into their business.

Friday FAIL 9 Second Corvette Crash

One of the gems that Tune Time Performance had created was an insanely powerful Chevrolet Corvette Z06 that is capable of running a nine-second ¼-mile time. That’s a lot of performance to handle but an amazing machine at the hands of a skilled driver.

During the show, the driver of said nine-second Corvette Z06 decided to crash in nine seconds while showing off. In the middle of the car-lined street, the driver decided to rip a smoky burnout and launch. All was well and good until the driver lost control, just missed some cars and bystanders, and ended up hopping a cub and coming to rest in a small hill.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt except this driver’s ego. Bystanders were able to push the car out of the grass and into the road while parts were crunching beneath the sports car.

This car was made for the track and should probably stick to showing off there.

Source: TuneTimePerformance YouTube

How embarrassed would you be if you crashed this 9-second Chevrolet Corvette Z06 while showing off at a car meet?


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