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Friday FAIL: Cyclist’s Brakes Fail and Cause Two Accidents

Friday FAIL Cyclist Panamera Crash

Tour de Pain.

Cyclists and driers will always be engaged in an endless war to share the road, but this is painful no matter what side you’re on. At the 2015 Guardsman’s Pass Tour of Utah, one cyclist had an equipment malfunction that caused quite a bit of pain for them and others.

One part of the course has riders coming down a steep hill with speed and around a hard bend while facing a large drop and trees. Various vehicles were following participants throughout the race, one of which was a Porsche Panamera. As the Panamera was going around the outside of the bend, a cyclist had his brakes fail coming down the hill. Being unable to stop, the cyclist smashed right into the side of the Panamera.

Friday FAIL Cyclist Panamera Crash

Spectators and event organizers rushed to the aid of the cyclist and attempted to slow other racers down to avoid additional accidents. Unfortunately, two other cyclists hit the side of a motorcycle, sending both hard into the pavement.

The cyclist who first crashed actually may have had their lives saved by the Panamera being in the right spot at the right time. With no brakes, they would’ve likely went off the road and down the steep hill, which could’ve been deadly.

Source: John Marinucci YouTube

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