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Friday FAIL: DIY Towing is Not a Good Idea!

Friday FAIL: Lada Towing Crash

Video from Russia that isn’t shot from a dashcam.

If your car isn’t running and you need to take it somewhere, then your safest bet is to call a towing company. They have vehicles that are designed to tow other vehicles safely and reliably through traffic.

Getting your non-running car towed by another car using only a tow strap through traffic isn’t a good idea.

Friday FAIL: Lada Towing Crash

That’s exactly what happened here in Russia or some other Eastern bloc country. The driver of a Green Lada was towing a friend in a broken-down White Lada using just a tow strap. That strap snapped right before the two cars came upon an intersection where other vehicles were stopped and waiting to turn.

Without the tow strap keeping the White Lada somewhat in control and on track, the car veered hard to the right and right into the side of another car that was stopped, T-boning them hard. The driver got out but was quickly knocked down as the Lada rolled backwards by the door, looking like an even bigger idiot. Thankfully, they were able to get back behind the wheel and bring it to a stop.

After this accident, we don’t think that this Lada is going to be fixed up ever again.

Source: RoadCams YouTube

How stupid was this Lada driver to get towed by a friend using a strap in traffic?


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